Jo Becker

Dear Mr. Lamb,
I cannot thank you enough for your generosity and all that your men did today.  They accomplished a tremendous amount of work and made such a difference!  It had me in tears several times to think that you, and they, would do this for me.  And I would like you to know that they were so nice the entire time they were here.  They never used a foul word, were friendly and polite, and very careful of my property.  They took care of what, to me, were insurmountable obstacles.  They did it quickly, efficiently, and with good grace.
I realize this was a very costly “good deed” you all performed for me today.  I feel awful that you have that added expense now, too.
I will be telling everyone I know what a super crew you have and what a great job they did.  You are a wonderful example of a business model.
I appreciate you so much.
Jo Becker
1485 Witt Road
Franklin, KY 42134

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