Bowling Green Tree Trimming

There are several reasons to properly prune your trees. Tree Pruning promotes new growth to occur. When you remove branches that are struggling or dead, it allows for the tree to send much needed water and nutrients to other parts.  This will allow your tree to grow and have healthier future foliage.  

 For fruit trees, dead limbs allow for insect infestations and tree diseases to occur.  Trimming encourages knew growth of spurs, meaning a better fruitful harvest.

Just like humans, trees can get sick with diseases and spread quickly. Pruning and destroying diseased branches can be the best action. Pruning trees can also prevent safety hazards. Dead branches can easily become a huge risk during bad weather, high winds, or ice and snow.  Trimming these branches will help give you peace of mind and prevent unnecessary damage. Removing branches gives your tree more structural integrity and a balanced crown.  Protecting the tree from storms.

Pruning trees also helps with unwanted growth. Some of our clients use pruning to help limit the size of their trees.  Such as alleviating tree limbs hanging unsafely over their home or encroaching on power lines.  Ultimately, pruning trees will overall save you money. 

Trust BG Tree Man LLC for all of your Tree Trimming and Tree care needs. Services include the removal of diseased, broken, or dead branches on mature trees and young trees alike for tree protection Proudly serving Bowling Green KY, Franklin KY, and Surrounding Areas. With Competitive Rates and Experience you can count on. Give us a call today 270-991-4111!