Bowling Green Tree Stump Removal & Grinding

After removing trees, tree stumps can become a nuisance to mow around, and an eye sore to look at.  When we grind stumps, customers are immediately happy at how much this improves the look on your property.  By doing small things like this, it increases your overall property and value and curb appeal.  By grinding your stump, it also takes away potential accidents that could occur from being a major trip hazard.  If someone is hurt on your property, you could be liable for their injuries.  Removing stumps takes that chance away. Grinding your stump out also stops the spread of tree diseases, and pest. A lot of times old stumps harbor pests and diseases that can easily spread to healthy trees around it.  Removing stumps, removes that issue. Lastly, removing the stump ensures that no future sprouts will happen and regrow, causing you to pay for two trees to be removed.

If you are considering tree stump removal or stump grinding, give the experts at BG Tree Man LLC a call. Our professionals will assess the situation and make recommendations based on your specific needs. BG Tree Man LLC has over 20 years experience in residential and commercial tree services.