Bowling Green Tree Removal

There are several reasons for tree removal such as your tree is dead or unhealthy and is dropping unwanted dangerous limbs in your yard.  We recommend taking notice of the top of the tree, foliage, and the signs of branches that might be dying back.  These are huge signs of an unhealthy tree. If your tree was damaged in a storm, it needs to be safely removed off your property.

Sometimes we have customers who have their trees roots systems encroaching on their houses, utilities lines, and septic systems requiring them to remove them.  Other reasons such as the trees are leaning in a dangerous direction over your house, driveway, and children’s playgrounds. 

Our reasons to recommend removal normally reside with the tree having structural problems, such as interior decay.  We notice that the tree has formed a bad crotch or there are cracks in the main trunks from lightening, or other stressors.  We have also recommended removals when we have seen diseases or insect infestations occur which cause tree deaths, and opportunity to spread to other trees that are significant crowding among the property. 

BG Tree Man LLC Provides Tree Removal Services and Tree Stump Removal. There is no project too big or too small. With Residential, Commercial and Industrial Tree Removal Services in Bowling Green, Franklin, and surrounding areas.